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29 August 14

Kawaii in Manila 2

Last May, I got this heart pounding message from Kaila:


Won’t say no to art and a friend!

A month later, another kawaii friend, Chichi emailed me and other Kawaii Art Exhibit invited artists the mechanics. We were required to submit digital illustrations in “My Interpretation of Kawaii and How it Influenced My Art” theme.

Here’s a sneak peek of my piece:


I have been doing traditional paintings (and practicing a lot with it) during the time, and so going back to digital somehow required an adjustment from me. As a result, my developing painting style was incorporated in the piece.

By July, Chichi texted me with another good news:

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28 August 14

Features / Appearances

The Warrior Poet Art Cafe: Poscards | Postcards w/ Borg’s | Waves 1 in her new home

The Prime Manila: Feature | Postcards at The Warrior Poet Art Cafe

Thank you so much for these Noel, Ceejay, and Jade!

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27 August 14

Belita - Saydie

Band Saydie will be releasing their second album “Belita” later this year

…and they’ve collaborated with me and Borg for the album art!

I have always wanted to be a band artist since Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett happened. Thank you universe for another generosity!

Saydie’s music is far from my art style, and from that is where I got the fun. I sharpened my art blades with BFFFF's help. It has been rough for me and so I'm very glad he never say-die, haha!

Through all the shredding, here’s what we’ve come up with so far (as posted on Saydie Official):


Yes, the challenge had squeezed out bad boys from my pen.

There are tons of other illustrations, plus scenarios inside. I literally felt like a creator for coming up with a story from all the album’s tracks.

Discovering that you can expand your limitations always causes a feeling of fulfilment, and contributes to building confidence. For these attainments we’re very grateful the band gave us artistic control over everything. Kat trusted us by suggesting just the look and color she wanted during our meeting.

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