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Easy Low Spoons Mashed Potatoes »


I’ve started making these potatoes ever since the local food bank gave us 10 pounds of potatoes. They’re super easy and really customizable. Depending on how many potatoes you’re making and their size it could take anywhere from 6-20 minutes for this recipe, but most of that is waiting for the…

Coconut oil is amazing…my new miracle product!

I’ve just recently jumped on the natural and organic skin care wagon and have been loving it. It sort of gets you addicted to all things organic and searching on the internet for more tips. So many home remedies to try that I never thought would work so well!

My most recent discovery is coconut oil. I love this stuff. And it smells AMAZING! I just love the smell of coconut :) I’ve been using it as a hair treatment and also as a body moisturizer. After every shower I literally slather myself in coconut oil.

A great side effect I discovered - my keratosis pilaris has improved! (for those of you who don’t know - it’s when your skin looks like chicken skin and it constantly looks like you have goose bumps….) 

I would have never thought that I see the day when those nasty bumps disappear. And I would have definitely not thought about the cure being something simple such as coconut oil. There’s an article on top9moments talking about how coconut oil helps with kp. Apparently I’m not the only one who discovered it works :) I’m so happy! Plus coconut oil actually has SPF! Which is awesome because I’m terrible at applying sun screen. I tend to forget most of the times but since I’m using coconut oil as a moisturizer at least I get minimal protection.

I’ve yet have to try to cook with it. I sometimes put a teaspoon in my hot chocolate and that’s so yummy! I’ve heard that using coconut oil as a cooking oil is even better than olive oil as olive oil can’t be heated up so much. It’s healthier to use in salads.

HOW TO: Get Clear Skin »



I am almost guaranteed to receive a question or email from a reader on a weekly basis asking how to clear up skin. It seems that everyone is battling with breakouts that continue to rear their heads beyond the teenage years and well into the twenties and thirties.

I have compiled…

OMG, I totally have to try this. I’ve been battling with skin problems for such a long time now. I had clear skin throughout my teen years and now in my mid-20ies my face looks like I’m ten years younger - in a bad way, haha!